Arizona Public Service (APS)


Construction Management, Industrial Water, Recycled Water

The Palo Verde Generating Station (PVGS) Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) is a 90 million gallons per day lime softening system, consisting of several parallel trains of first and second-stage clarifiers.
Industrial Water
WaterWorks was hired to conduct an optimization and feasibility study for the expansion from six parallel trains to seven and develop a conceptual and then detailed design of Train 7.
The Train 7 design included the addition of a seventh softening train, including two solids contact clarifiers, influent and effluent piping, connecting sludge lines to existing thickeners, and expansion of existing chemical facilities and electrical systems.

Sludge generated from the liquid stream of the WRF is thickened then conveyed to the Dewatering Facility which consisted of three outdated centrifuges. WaterWorks was retained by APS to evaluate the overall sludge treatment process and centrate quality in addition to evaluating the replacement of the three outdated systems. WaterWorks pre-screened various centrifuges and provided detailed design, procurement documents, construction documents, and conducted construction administration for the replacement of the centrifuges.
Recycled Water
The PVGS facility treats rcycled water that is delivered through the Sub-Regional Operating Group (SROG) infrastructure. Recycled water from various WRF’s throughout the Phoenix-area is conveyed to PVGS where it receives further treatment and is the subsequently used as coooling tower blowdown.