City of Phoenix, AZ


Alternative Project Delivery; Recycled Water; Waste Water

The City of Phoenix utilizes the On-Call and Job Order Contracting (JOC) project delivery methods to design and construct small projects for their water and wastewater facilities. The City has retained WaterWorks to provide engineering services assoicated with project management, design, and construction administration in support of the JOC program at the SROG 91st Ave WWTP since 2008. WaterWorks has also provided as needed process assistance throughout this time period.

WaterWorks has assisted the City and plant staff in evaluating, upgrading, and maintaining various process units, major equipment, and facilities – including projects related to the primary feed gates, primary sedimentation basins, scum removal system, addition of TSS analyzers for process optimization, effluent flow control, step-feed chlorination, effluent pumping, centrifuge upgrades and more.