City of Scottsdale, AZ


Alternative Project Delivery; Drinking water; Recycled Water, Waste Water

The City of Scottsdale owns and operates surface water, groundwater, wastewater, and advanced reclaimed water treatment facilities.

Alternative Project Delivery

WaterWorks has been retained under the Job Order Contract program since 2014 to provide engineering evaluations, design, and construction administration for various projects. Several of these projects include:

Wastewater / Recycled Water

  • Water Campus Water Reclamation Facility – evaluation and design of the replacement RAS/WAS pump station
  • Pumpback Facilities – inspection, construction management, and start up of odor control systems located at remote lift stations
  • Evaluations of existing systems including blowers, BOD supplementation, and chemical storage and feed systems.

Drinking Water

  • Chaparral Water Treatment Plant – disinfection system evaluation, replacement, and controls upgrades
  • CAP Water Treatment Plant – evaluation and design to improve disinfection and CT, evaluation and control strategy to address mussel growth via copper feed, pipeline inspections, HVAC upgrades, and more.
  • Central Groundwater Treatment Facility- evaluation of the treatment process and conceptual/detailed design of the 3 MGD reverse osmosis facility
  • North Groundwater Treatment Facility – design of a 4 MGD granular activated carbon treatment facility