Construction Management; Drinking Water, Awards & Acknowledgements

Drinking Water/Construction Management
The White Tanks Regional Water Treatment Plant (WTRWTP) provides potable water to communities in the west-central portion of Maricopa County in Arizona and is owned and operated by EPCOR USA. The facility draws water from the Beardsley Canal for treatment and distribution through a regional network of pipelines, tanks, and booster pump stations. WaterWorks was contracted by EPCOR to complete a series of tasks related to the 2019 (Phase 2) expansion of the facility. These tasks included: preliminary evaluation, pilot and bench-scale testing, detailed design, and construction administration services.

The facility expansion increased the firm capacity from 13.3 MGD to 26.7MGD and included the addition of raw water storage capacity, raw water and finished water pumping capacity, the addition of a fourth Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system, the addition of a fourth and fifth media filters, and improvements to other ancillary facilities. The expansion also involved the design and construction of the first CoMag (by Evoqua) ballast sedimentation system within the state of Arizona. This system was implemented as a robust strategy to address high TOC and/or high TSS excursion events that are unique to the facility based on its geographic location along the canal.

Raw Water Storage Pond