City of Goodyear

2013 – 2019

Alternative Project Delivery, Construction Management, Recycled Water, Wastewater

Wastewater / Recycled Water
The Goodyear Water Reclamation Facility (WRF), owned and operated by the City of Goodyear, is a 4mgd activated sludge treatment facility that produces Class A+ Reclaimed Water.

WaterWorks are retained by City to develop the design to expand the WRF from 4 to 6 mgd. The project included mutliple packages to accommodate plant operation, city budgetary constraints and capacity phasing.

The scope of project incuded: expanding the fine screens, upgrading the aeration system and RAS pumping system. The project also replaced the existing traveling bridget filers with cloth media filters and added a chlorine contact basin.

The solids stream facilities also were in need of upgrades that were included in the project scope. The sludge holding tanks were lined and the centrifuge dewatering system was expanded.

Construction Management / Alternative Project Delivery

WaterWorks was actively involved in the construction of each package of the expansion. The Construction Manager at Risk (CM-At-Risk) project delivery method was utilized and WaterWorks worked closely with the contractor throughout construction by answering RFIs, reviewing submittals, attending construction progress meetings.