South Placer Municipal Utility District, Loomis, CA


Construction Management, Utility Management & Condition Assessment

Water Works Engineers provided final design, environmental permitting, right-of-way, temporary and permanent easement procurement, and construction phase services oversight for 7,250‐LF of 15” and 18” gravity sewer from Loomis to Rocklin, CA for the South Placer Municipal Utility District (SPMUD, District).

The project included work near and across sensitive environmental areas; two trenchless crossings (Interstate 80); and significant public outreach and consensus building with residents affected by alignment. The work included the following items:

  • 7,250‐LF of 15” and 18” PVC gravity sewer (Betty Ln, Brace Rd, Dias Ln)
  • I-80 Trenchless Crossing (280-ft Auger Bore & Jack with 36” Steel Casing)
  • Horseshoe Bar Rd Trenchless Crossing (Pilot Tube Assisted Guided Bore & Jack with 36” Steel Casing)

Water Works Engineers secured environment and agency permits, as well as permanent and temporary construction easement and rights of entry/way to construct and maintain the project. Completed final design field studies, engineering research and analysis to confirm construction methodology for alignment, with specific emphasis on trenchless crossings.

Completed field studies and permit applications necessary for District to secure environmental clearance to construct project. Complete valuation, negotiation and documentation for District secure to secure permanent and temporary construction easement and right‐of entry/ way to construct and maintain project. Designed identified improvements to SPMUD gravity sewer system. These services were provided on‐time and within budget.