City of Prescott, AZ


Awards & Acknowledgements, Waste Water, Recycled Water

Water Works was retained to develop the design of a new 3.75 mgd reclamation plant to address future growth and increased influent strength in Prescott, Arizona. The design included an analysis of influent wastewater flows and loading, equalization options, and expansion/phasing to expand the facility from 3.75 mgd to an ultimate capacity of 15 mgd.

Process unit design included:

  • Preliminary Treatment / Headworks
  • Secondary Treatment (aeration basins, secondary clarifiers, RAS/WAS facilities)
  • Tertiary Filtration
  • Chlorination
  • Effluent Pumping
  • Solids Dewatering
  • Equalization Facilities
  • Electrical and Control Systems
  • Planning for future facilities.

Awards & Recognition