Water Works Engineers has extensive experience in alternative project delivery, which makes up 20-40% of our business. While these systems (Design-Build, CM-At-Risk, Job Order Contracting, etc) are becoming far more common in the delivery of water and wastewater conveyance and treatment projects, the breadth of our experience successfully delivering these projects sets us apart. We have successfully executed projects ranging from $0.5M to $56M in project value using alternative project delivery methods.

We have partnered with contractors throughout the West on alternative project delivery projects. Teaming with a contractor best suited for the size, type, and location of each project makes us most responsive to project needs and competitive on pricing and delivery times. Often, particular contractors have extensive knowledge about project site conditions, permitting agencies and processes, subcontractors, etc. that make being flexible in construction partnerships a key to providing the best end product for the facility owner. Because we are solely focused on being an engineering and design firm, we can provide engineering services to a variety of contractors cooperatively, allowing selection of a contractor who best suits the owner’s needs for each project.