Water Works Engineers understands that the infrastructure outside the treatment plant (water distribution and wastewater collection systems) is often a City’s single largest investment. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and quality work products in all phases of a project, on schedule and within budget. We have extensive experience in gravity and pressurized pipelines; booster pumps and lifts stations; steel and concrete storage tanks; metering and pressure reducing facilities; water quality monitoring stations; manholes and junction structures. Our experience includes 90-inch interceptor design all the way down to small backyard residential lateral and mainline replacements. We have experience with vertical turbine wet/dry well solids-handling self-cleaning sewage pumps stations, as well as smaller “duplex” and “air-pot” package stations. From 15-MGD booster pumps stations with 5-MG pre-stressed concrete storage tanks and complex water age mitigation controls to replacing aging 40,000-gallon redwood water tanks serving 70 customers, we have the experience.