Our Conveyance Design Group, located in Northern California, specializes in water and wastewater infrastructure condition and capacity assessment; rehabilitation and replacement recommendations; capital improvement project planning and prioritization; and the rate studies and financial planning to support these programs. Our assessment projects include CCTV, manhole and lift station inspections, energy audits, flow monitoring, smoke and dye testing, C-factor testing, hydrostatic and ultrasonic leak detention, fire hydrant flow testing, and water quality sampling and flushing. Our team has significant experience performing these studies, interpreting the results, and designing rehabilitation/replacement plans to address identified system deficiencies before they become emergency projects.

A crucial part of Water Works Engineers rehabilitation and replacement toolbox is our comprehensive understanding and implementation of trenchless construction methods.

Our use of performance-based specifications allows us to competitively bid traditional versus trenchless construction methods against one another, often times resulting in cost savings to our clients. Through our field experience, we know that the key to a successful trenchless construction project is the geotechnical investigation and we work with many reputable geotechnical firms to select appropriate construction methods to ensure project success. Our trenchless project experience includes:

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Auger Bore and Jack (traditional and pilot-tube guided)
  • Mico-Tunneling, Microtunneling
  • Pipe-Bursting, -Reaming, and -Raming
  • Slip-Lining
  • Cured-In-Place Pipe and Spray Coatings
  • Structure Rehabilitation (including wetwells, manholes and other structures)