Water is a precious resource. We create custom, innovative solutions for our clients to maximize the recycling and reuse of this resource.

Water Works Engineers has designed and commissioned numerous wastewater treatment systems that allow for effluent reuse – through golf course or farm irrigation, recharge to the aquifer, or industrial reuse applications. We understand both the technical and permitting requirements to get approval for such systems that allow for reuse of a valuable resource.

We have completed a number of studies and evaluations that are on the forefront of advanced water treatment and reclamation. Such studies included various disinfection and advanced oxidation methods that focused on addressing water quality challenges pertaining to drinking water and recycled water to address future compounds of emerging concern (CECs).

Additionally, the findings that WaterWorks has identified during these studies supported the efforts conducted in Arizona to expand water recycling and establish direct potable reuse as a reliable and safe water source.